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Urban Collars Textile Jewelry - Designer

Meet the Creator

Created in SC, Jae is the owner and creative designer behind Urban Collars. When I first set out to create jewelry I was designing for my own personal needs. My main purpose was to create pieces that would complement my quirky style. I believe my work is an extension of who I am. It's my way of expressing my individuality to the world! My mission is to inspire men & women to be different, stand out & LIVE BOLDLY!!


Urban Collars is a unique collection of vibrant, textile jewelry. All of our pieces are magnetic and handmade with love! And can easily be combined for a fun, vibrant way to instantly enhance any outfit! Created for the spunky individuals who love to make a statement wherever they go! Our mix & match bold patterns scream “ECCENTRIC” and are tailored for creatives. Made with recycled fabrics & a touch of love, each piece is uniquely designed with you in mind.


Your style is an outward

expression of who you are...


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