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Vibrant  textile art you can wear.


Meet the Designer

Hi! My name is Jae and I’m the CEO and creator of Urban Collars, a textile jewelry brand. I started making jewelry for myself back in 2016 and it has brought so much joy and expression into my life. My roots are in SC, but I draw inspiration from all over! My love for bold prints and rich textures inspired me to create a vibrant collection of interchangeable textile jewelry for colorful people, like me! 85% of my designs incorporate the use of recycled textiles. And each piece is handcrafted with a deep admiration for the richness of African culture. My aspiration is that you feel the love I pour into my craft, and it empowers you to live boldly and colorfully when you wear any piece from my collection.


Bold Hues + Innovative Design

Mold them into any shape you desire. With our Textile Sculpt Earrings, you're not just wearing jewelry; you're sculpting them to match your mood and elevate your style. It truly is art you can wear.


Industrial design meets fashion.

Our collar necklaces come in an array of fun patterns and colors to choose from. Each piece is magnetic, for effortless swapping and stacking - the color combinations are infinite! Elevate your accessory game with our versatile collars!

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